Sarah Sze at the Fabric Workshop

Photo courtesy of the Fabric Workshop

I experienced Sarah Sze’s exhibition at the Fabric Workshop two weeks ago. In the most wonderful of ways, I am still deciphering it.

Three separate floors hold three separate concepts. Woven by technique, but exhibiting variation in scale, texture, concept and weight, the installations are resounding.

Photo courtesy of the Fabric Workshop

Rather than give my take, I encourage you to experience it.  Nevertheless, here is some background:

Sarah Sze grew up in Boston. New York and New Haven cultivated her artistic education, leading her ideas into PS1, Carnegie International, the Whitney Biennial, Venice. She is known for building intricate sculptures and installations, merging architecture with coffee cups. “Materials, marks and processes” are what she is known for – balancing weight, texture and kinetics with a gigantic subtlety. Anything but minimal, her installations still exude a sense of minimalism, reached through a powerful awareness of equilibrium. Her works conjure images of landscapes, blueprints and city grids – the distinctions slightly more blurred after her imaginations become yours. Throughout her work, Sze’s hand is visible, her labor made evident, her thought process shared, her eye consistently reflected.

Photo courtesy of the Fabric Workshop

To listen:

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Sarah Sze on view at the Fabric Workshop & Museum, December 13-April 6, 2014 


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