Artist Profile: N. Dash

Installation view
Installation view at White Flag Projects. Courtesy of White Flag Projects.

N. Dash is an artist fascinated by materiality. She brings materials into focus – thread, canvas, linen, dyes – gives them a space to speak, to become, to be witnessed. She creates boldness while retaining simplicity – blurring the line between painting and sculpture.

She is a master of monumental minimalism.

Untitled, 2013. Courtesy of White Flag Projects.
Untitled, 2013. Courtesy of White Flag Projects.

I had the opportunity to see N. Dash’s work in the fall of 2013 at White Flag Projects in St. Louis. Moving through the space, I was captivated by the powerful subtleties executed through classic forms. Squares of indigo met muted beiges, draped, constructed, folded, touched. The work felt as much from the earth as it did from the artist’s hand – the canvases feeling rubbed or smoothed, even pulled. The artist captured weight – lightness and heaviness powerfully communicated and beautifully balanced.

Untitled, 2013
Untitled, 2013. Courtesy of White Flag Projects.

Each instance I felt like I understood, the eye discovered a new crease or thread or hue, demanding more time, more reflection, more from me.  Those canvases had brought me somewhere else – somewhere more knowledgeable, appreciative, consoled, perhaps even euphoric.

Regardless of which emotion, each piece took me somewhere, succeeding in producing that rare feeling that only the greats seem to be able to pull out. It is that feeling when you look at a work of art and know that you will never forget it that you realize you have experienced something extraordinary.

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