Project Highlight: El Anatsui, Metas

anatsui heidenry

While the exhibition may have closed its doors last week, The Mnuchin Gallery’s El Anatsui: Metas may be the best show of the winter – at least so far. El Anatusi’s draped pieces are gaspingly awe-inspiring. They invite the viewer to stand far back and admire the completed whole, but also to peer centimeters away and from every angle to engage the details. The artist’s ability to transform recycled materials – newspaper clippings, bottle caps and liquor labels – into masterpieces of form, space and color is extraordinary. Presented in Mnuchin Gallery’s Upper East Side townhouse, the works molded to the architecture, enabling a phenomenal sense of movement not always achievable in a standard white box gallery space. For one work – hung on the gallery’s staircase – you approach it from below, allowing the viewer to see the stitches and colors in a new perspective. The exhibition was breathtaking, monumental, and yet oh so subtle. Indeed, once you see an El Anatsui you are guaranteed never to forget it.

anatsui heidenry 2

El Anatsui: Metas was on view at Mnuchin Gallery from October 28 – December 13, 2014. 

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