The El Salvador Mural Project was initiated in 2010. Funded through a 2011-2012 Fulbright Research Grant, Heidenry traveled across El Salvador speaking with artists and community organizers to document the nation’s murals. The resulting online archive is a two-year collaborative project between Heidenry and Salvadoran programmer, Jaime Montoya. The intent is to provide a platform and international voice to Salvadoran mural art and to create a photographic resource so that the country’s walls can be researched, shared and documented.

Please note – the online archive is currently undergoing web maintenance . 

Additional resources for the study of Salvadoran mural painting are presented within the archive. These include interview excerpts with Salvadoran artists, scholars and activists, a look at the 2010 photography exhibition held at Centro Arte para La Paz in Suchitoto, El Salvador, and links to important Salvadoran institutions, publications and non-profit organizations.

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